RhinoRoof U20 Underlayment
Owens Corning
10SQ. 42 x 286 | Call For Pricing

Product Group: Shingle Roofing

Being a roofer means long, exhausting days spent in unforgiving conditions, from a range of temperatures. So we’re constantly looking for ways to make your job safer, easier and faster. The original RhinoRoof® U20 won over roofing contractors everywhere with lightweight roof deck protection that’s waterresistant and stronger than felt.

RhinoRoof® U20 Synthetic is the underlayment of choice for almost any residential roof. Offering protection that’s stronger than felt for superior wind resistance and durability through heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions. Its engineered, highstrength design is ideal for use under asphalt shingles, synthetic shingles, metal roofing and cedar shake.