Translucent Panels

Product Group: Metal Roofing

SunSky is a high-quality light-transmitting, corrugated polycarbonate panel designed to match the profiles of major types of metal roofing and siding panels. It is designed for single or multi-panel skylights or side lights in roofs and walls of metal-clad structures. For skylight and sidelite applications, SunSky corrugated polycarbonate panels offer multiple advantages over traditional fiberglass corrugated panels: up to 20 times greater impact resistance, the highest light transmission rates, the lowest yellowing index, the highest load rating, and the highest resistance to wind uplift... outstanding properties confirmed in accredited laboratory testing and in installations worldwide since 1984.

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Polycarbonate Panel S9 12' | Call For Pricing

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Polycarbonate Panel S9 12' | Call For Pricing